Part identification guide, part scientific textbook, part historical artefact, Ginger Pride - by proud redhead Tobias Anthony - is your manual to all things ginger. Split into three chapters, Ginger Pride looks at identification of redheads, the science of being red, and profiles the twenty most famous redheads in history, coming to the inevitable conclusion that the ginger influence on the world is more than a follicle deep. From the different shades of red to the things you should never say to a ginger; from the science behind the ginger aversion to the sun to why they smell different (correction: smell better); and from famous gingers in history like Queen Elizabeth I to 90s icon Ginger Spice, Ginger Pride will make all gingers cry `Ruadh Gu Brath' (that's redheads forever, if you don't read Gaelic).

ISBN: 9781925418651
Author: Anthony, Tobias
Format: Hardback
Pages: 104