At Shordi Krik, life is sweet. Join students from Barunga School on a trip to their local creek where they play and swim. Written in Kriol and English, everyone will be singing along with this joyful song and learning more about life in Barunga as they go!

This book was written by students from Barunga School with ILF Lifetime Ambassador Justine Clarke who is a regular visitor to Barunga. Barunga is a small Aboriginal community, located approximately 80 kilometres southeast of Katherine, in the Northern Territory. The illustrations for this book were created by students from Barunga School, inspired by digital illustrating workshops produced by Alison Lester AM who is also a Lifetime Ambassador for ILF.

ISBN:  9781922592408
Author:  Students from Barunga School
Publication date:  30/05/2023
Format: Hardback
Pages: 24
Dimension:  267mm X 219mm