March 2, 1994 will forever be marked as a watershed in the history of Australian crime. The murder of a police officer is a rarity in itself but the ruthless, targeted killing of Detective Sergeant Bowen (National Crime Authority) and the alleged involvement of Australian/Italian Mafia makes it one of the most significant crimes in Australia's history. Michael Madigan's book, The NCA Bombing, is not only a painstaking investigation and analysis of a haunting murder, or assassination, but an admirable piece of work in the national interest. The failure of authorities, state or federal, to bring the perpetrators to justice is in itself a haunting national disgrace. - Bob Bottom, author of 11 book on organised crime The 'Ndrangheta is the organisation that runs the international cocaine market. It has infiltrated all economic sectors and it controls voting and political candidates at a national and international level. I urge the Australians not to underestimate this organisation. Otherwise it will be too late. - Ms De Simone Italian Prospector.

ISBN: 9781864767803
Author: Madigan, MIchael
Format: Hardback
Pages: 238
Dimension: 210mm X 145mm