Whether you are a beginner or an accomplished professional, whether your field is fiction, nonfiction or journalism, Sol Stein's Solutions for Writers is an indispensable guide to enhancing your work. In Stein's own words, 'This is not a book of theory': just practical, immediately useful solutions to help with every type of writing problem. From shaping an opening sentence that hooks the reader to the secret of successful revision, deft character development to pumping up pacing, Solutions for Writers contains a wealth of wisdom from one of publishing's most storied editors.

Packed with ideas, examples of techniques in practice, and advice that shines a new light on craft, Sol Stein's writing guide is a timeless classic - a book for writers to mark up, dog-ear, and cherish.

Paperback / softback  B-format paperback  320pp  h196mm  x  w126mm  x s22mm  260g  B Format Paperback 

ISBN13: 9781800818118