In a world of frightening technology and unending product marketing, there is a need to liberate the imagination, re-sow the seeds of creativity ... and start a Real Play Revolution! Real Play needs no equipment, expertise or qualifications. All it needs is genuine interaction between grown-ups and children and that wonderful buzz of magic and mak-believe. Offering the techniques developed at the Flying Seagulls Project, this book also makes thrilling play easy for grown-ups and delightful for kids. Perrin offers a treasure trove of fantastic, unexpected and effective play ideas, from The Kids Comedy Corner (all about telling jokes together as a family), Home-Made TV (make your own TV, then watch it!) and Circus Skills Workshop (hoola-hoop, juggling balls, spinning plates, etc), to quick fixes for cheering everyone up, such as the One Minute Madness Miracle (the first one to get nowhere wins), and defeating a bad mood - whether a child's or a grown-up's - with the Turkey Head Grump Crown (who can carrying on feeling annoyed with a turkey on their head?). All suggestions can be adapted to work with any numbers from one child to a whole classroom. Fun line drawings clarify step-by-steps and add to the book's appealing design.

ISBN: 9781786782236
Author: Perrin, Ash
Publication date: 21/05/2019
Format: Paperback
Pages: 208