From the bestselling Indigenous creator Helen Milroy comes a new adventure about a girl with an incredible gift. Crow Baby was born with two spirits - one crow, and one human. Spending her time living across two worlds, she is content within her crow clan and her human family. But one day, a time of crisis arrives, and Crow Baby must make a difficult decision in order to save both her families. With the help of her two spirits, she embarks on a journey that celebrates the beauty of diversity and the importance of making difficult decisions. Crow Baby is a story that will capture the imagination of both young and older readers, inspiring them to embrace their own unique gifts. Featuring stunning illustrations and easy-to-read text, this picture book will take you on a whimsical adventure into the heart of First Nations storytelling.

Hardback  Picture book  32pp  h244mm  x  w197mm  x s9mm  327g 

ISBN13: 9781760992842