A koala, a bottlebrush, a meat pie and the Big Banana - what do they have in common? They can all be found around Australia! On any two cards there is only one item in common. Can you find it first? In Found Around Australia, you'll be looking for the places, animals, plants, foods and things that make Australia so unique. From the kangaroo to The Ghan Railway, the hakea to the Big Lobster, get ready for an Aussie adventure. Illustrated by bestselling illustrator and author Megan McKean, this game is suitable for the entire family. With instructions for two ways of playing (one simple and one more challenging), Found Around Australia will keep players of every age entertained whilst teaching recognition, language, memory and coordination. The game also includes a fold-out poster featuring all the items from the game.

Game  h138mm  x  w94mm  x s35mm  276g 

ISBN13: 9781760763671