Inspired by a flower shop in Tokyo, this embroidery collection will take new and seasoned stitchers through a year of beautiful botanicals and whimsical floral scenes. Stitch your way through the seasons with a bit of thread, a needle, and a small swatch of fabric. Follow along with textile artist Kazuko Aoki as she welcomes you to Gente Flower Shop in Tokyo, a stunning backdrop from a gardening stitcher's dreams. The more than 25 motifs featured here are delicate, down to earth, and whimsical-mixing materials and stitching techniques to create life and depth to each design, which include meadow flowers, garden baskets, fresh berries, a violet-covered armchair, and more. Featuring simple and elegant sewing instructions for patches, totes, pins, purses, and more, Aoki skillfully shows stitchers that your every floral embroidery can always find the right home. With beautiful photographs, clear step-by-step instructions, and detailed diagrams, this book is an inspiring and playful guide for gardeners and embroidery enthusiasts of all levels.