Bid Buai, Dolphin People is the sequel to the story Bakir and Bi published in 2013 by Magabala Books. It is a fictional creation story set in the islands of the Torres Strait, Far North Queensland, Australia, before colonization. Mar, Tam and Lusik are now much older and life has settled on their island of Ekiam. Tam soon stumbles across a mystical charm that was stolen from the Mabagal Clan of the West. When Iriana, the charm, falls into the wrong hands, it brings misfortune. So the journey begins with the rightful owners travelling through the islands in search of Iriana to bring back home and restore their once prosperous lifestyle. This story is interwoven with supernatural themes, totemic connections, kinship relations, language terms and customs that are true to Torres Strait Islander Culture.

Paperback / softback  Trade paperback (US)  46pp  h216mm  x  w216mm  x s3mm  127g 

ISBN13: 9781504320108