How to enjoy thriving fragrant plants in your garden, on your balcony or in your courtyard. Smell the roses! Savour the lavender!

Sweet, rich orange blossom; heady, aromatic daphne; sharp, refreshing mint; or subtle, alluring roses - nature's perfumes are a wonder. They tantalise the senses, mark the seasons and evoke memories of people, places and occasions.

Fragrant plants - from lovely flowers, vines and herbs to showy shrubs and trees - offer some of the purest joys of the garden. And there's a beautiful selection to choose from. Whether you live in the warm tropics or in a cool climate, whether you have a large backyard, a narrow passageway or a compact balcony/courtyard, there's a scented plant to suit your place.

This book brings together the top 50 fragrant plants to stimulate your senses. With information about soil needs, feeding and climate, and stunning, inspirational photos, this handy reference puts growing fragrant plants within reach of everyone, whatever your garden space and level of experience.