Photographer Gerard Degeorge has travelled the world, capturing grand pieces of architectural design through the scope of his lens. We have frequently turned to his celebrated photography collection for previous releases, and return once more for this Moorish Mosaic cover.We first came upon this design while browsing Degeorge's vast collection of photographic slides, and it immediately reminded us of visiting the Alhambra in Granada, Spain. Now a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Alhambra is adorned in tile mosaics set around a theme of "paradise on earth." Though we cannot be absolutely certain where the unique piece of tilework on our cover originates, the geometric pattern, floral design and arabesque setting are all suggestive of the art and architecture styles found in the western Islamic world. Through the centuries, Islamic artists have led the way in inlay artistry, creating intricate and memorable pieces like the one reproduced here. It is our hope that our Moorish Mosaic will transport you to an earthly paradise. 176pp  h230mm  x  w180mm  x s13mm