Create a time capsule of memories with a keepsake that can be shelved like a book and checked out later. My Memory Library is for those who want to collect experiences rather than things. Perfect for keeping life's events in one tangible place and a great gift for any milestone occasion, this book-shaped keepsake box contains a library date stamp, an ink pad, and 60 cards designed for creating a log of your life as it happens. Pull out a card, jot down the latest event, and stamp the date that it occurred. The subject-themed cards are divided into four different categories: accomplishments (milestones, awards, goals achieved); experiences (places visited, books read, people dated); superlatives (cards for making long notes about singular experiences); and miscellaneous (experiences that defy categorization). The roomy box can hold plenty of other ephemera as well, and as the years go by, create a time capsule of memories that can be shelved and checked out later. Special Features Hinged-lid keepsake box with a removable bellyband, date-stamp, ink pad, and 60 index cards with 4 tabbed dividers. A novel way to make lists of memories, accomplishments, and miscellaneous experiences.

ISBN: 9781419739002
Author: Noterie
Publication date: 10/09/2019
Format: Paperback
Dimension: 177mm X 135mm