Description: Celebrate Bob Ross with this gift set including a 1,000-piece 2-in-1 double-sided puzzle featuring seek-and-find activity, and bonus sticker book.

- Specifications: 1,000 piece double sided puzzle, full-color and printed on high-quality stock (finished puzzle measures 24 x 18 inches)

- 2-in-1: The double-sided puzzle included in this set gives you 2 unique scenes to piece together

- Seek and find activity: The puzzle scenes offer a bonus seek and find feature that invites you to search for Bob and related items

- Bonus sticker book: Set includes a 16-page sticker book featuring Bob's art, quotes, and more

- Perfect gift: A unique gift for fans of Bob Ross

- Officially licensed: Authentic Bob Ross collectible

Game  (Game / Puzzle)  16pp  h244mm  x  w182mm  x s50mm  700g 

ISBN13: 9780762482924     ISBN13: 978-0-7624-8292-4     ISBN10: 0762482923     EAN: 9780762482924