Steve knew something was wrong the moment he saw the dead girl in the Wintergarden food court. Nothing new, he saw dead people all the time, but this one was about to save his life...
Steve works in the family firm. He is a Pomp - tasked with easing spirits from this dimension to the next after death. And he s kind of OK with that, until someone high up the corporate hierarchy makes a bid to be Australia s new Regional Death. This means killing all of the current Pomp necromancer he ever knew has been killed, Steve is left to make a reluctant stand.
But to do this he must stay alive. Threatened at every turn, Steve and the dangerously attractive (and dead) Lissa go on the run to save what s left of their world.

Paperback / softback  A-format paperback  384pp  h182mm  x  w114mm  x s25mm  210g  A-format paperback 

ISBN13: 9780733624834