Ellen van Neerven's award-winning collection of stories was inspired by the elements, and is exceptionally imaginative and varied. In this award-winning work of fiction, Ellen van Neerven leads readers on a journey that is mythical, mystical and still achingly real. Over three parts, van Neerven takes traditional storytelling and gives it a unique, contemporary twist. In 'Heat', we meet several generations of the Kresinger family and the legacy left by the mysterious Pearl. In 'Water', a futuristic world is imagined and the fate of a people threatened. In 'Light', familial ties are challenged and characters are caught between a desire for freedom and a sense of belonging. Heat and Light is an intriguing collection that heralded the arrival of a major new talent in Australian writing.

Paperback / softback  B-format paperback  260pp  h197mm  x  w129mm  x s24mm  250g 

ISBN13: 9780702265990