A Guide to Grief- First Aid for Your Heart and SoulPractical tools, creative activities and yoga exercises to help you cope with the loss of someone you love. Grief hurts. It hurts like hell. It's only natural to want to run as far and as fast as you can in the opposite direction. Trouble is, the further you run, the greater the spectre of your grief becomes, growing into a terrifying monster, hot on your heels. Don't be afraid. Use this book to help you turn and face that monster of grief. Maybe you'll find it's not that scary after all. Discover ways to tame your grief and make it a wise friend to walk beside through life. There is a way forward. You will feel better. You will learn to smile again. One day at a time. One step at a time. Breath by breath. Let Edwina take your hand and gently guide you towards healing the pain of losing someone you love. A new dawn is on its way. Writing with the wisdom of experience, after losing her father, brother and son, Edwina shares practical advice, gentle yoga techniques, creative activities, meditations and visualisations, and even recipes, to help you heal and grow through grief.'Part-memoir, part-guidebook, this will serve as a comforting ally to those whose lives have been turned upside-down by grief.'Dr. Warren Ward Psychiatrist 'Just wonderful - heartfelt and wise. A soothing balm for your soul. A comforting hug in a book.'Favel Parrett, best-selling author of 'Past the Shallows' and 'There is Still Love'. Edwina Shaw understands grief in many ways - through devastating personal experience, in her work as a yoga teacher, and through facilitating workshops that explore emotions through writing. Brimming with wisdom, comfort and practical suggestions, 'A Guide Through Grief' is a tender and compassionate handbook for negotiating loss. Dr. Fiona Robertson, medical practitioner and writer. 'A Guide Through Grief' is the book I wish I'd been given when I was fourteen, experiencing grief for the first time after the death of my father. It has the tools I needed when I was twenty-one and my brother killed himself after a painful battle with schizophrenia. The tools I had when, many years later, I lost my longed-for third child a few days after birth. In 'A Guide Through Grief' I share those tools with you in the hope that they will bring you comfort and make your journey through the pain of loss easier. With gentleness and love. Edwina xx