How will I ensure my child is school ready? After the birth of her son, this was the question that inspired Danielle, a primary school teacher, to bring Before Big School to life. Drawing on her experience and knowledge from the early childhood classroom a practical parent's guide to school readiness was created. Before Big School explores the academic, emotional, and social aspects of school readiness and is filled with practical ideas and activities which can be embedded into your day. With a focus on incidental, meaningful and play-based learning experiences, Before Big School aims to assist parents in preparing their children for school without the use of structured learning- no flashcards or worksheets required. Each chapter focuses on a component of school readiness and delves into the why and how. Academic components include early literacy and numeracy skills, curiosity and play, fine and gross motor skills, and catering to different learning styles. Social and emotional components include managing nerves, independence and organisational skills, social skills and friendships, problem solving and resilience.