The Wulara-Nguru lexical handbook contains comprehensively researched and compiled word lists, surveyed words and cultural insights to assist language revitalisation across Moreton Bay and south east Queensland. Wulara-Nguru (language shadow/spirit) investigates the word shadows to establish language distinction and borrowings between them. Word lists collected since Brisbane Penal Settlement days, audio by academics a hundred years later, linguistic efforts and living memory inform clarity for repairing historical fragmentation. It arises from the shadows caused by the newcomers needing goori languages for survival in unknown territory; to convert ‘heathens’ or exploit the new environment. Many weren’t linguistically trained but each had an interest in retaining the languages. Some spoke and wrote a composite of two or more languages as one. Goories adjusted theirs to suit duggai ability. Despite colonial attitudes of superiority, collaborative conversations in prisons, beside humpies and rivers, under trees and on missions forged a priceless legacy. Twelve years of inquiry produces this exceptional resource for language custodians and their partners in reclaiming languages.

ISBN: 9780646808963
Format: Paperback