Meet more than 100 mythical creatures from around the world Say hello to more than 100 of your favourite magical creatures with this delightful illustrated introduction. This is the must-have bedtime book about the world's most fantastical creatures from around the world. Turn each page to find out more about the amazing variety of magical creatures - from fairies and mermaids to dragons and unicorns. With charming illustrations, storybook text, and key terms highlighted on each page, this book is a wonderful and comprehensive introduction to magical creatures. The book showcases beings from land, water, and air, in three comprehensive chapters. Many pages are devoted to a particular creature, with others featuring a collection of similar beings, such as witches and genies, giving bite-sized chunks of accessible information to help early learners get to know more about their favourite creature from myths, legends, and story books. There are also reference pages at the end of the book that give more information on the context and origins of each creature. A timeless gift book, The Bedtime Book of Magical Creatures will be treasured for years to come.

Hardback  (Text (eye-readable))  144pp  h262mm  x  w202mm  x s18mm  816g 

ISBN13: 9780241669679