A beautifully illustrated collection of more than 20 ancient Norse myths retold for children. Exciting stories, extraordinary creatures, and compelling gods, goddesses, and heroes come together in this compendium of Norse myths - first told long ago by the Vikings.

Read about Thor, the god of thunder and how he once disguised himself as a bride to seek revenge on a giant and retrieve his powerful hammer -Mj lnir, and how Sif, the goddess of fertility had her long golden hair cut off by Loki, the trickster god. Each myth is told with thrilling immediacy, in language that is easy for children to understand, while retaining the awe, majesty and intrigue of the original tales. Stunning illustrations by multi-award winning artist Katie Ponder breathe new life into each story.

Children will love exploring the tales by themselves or as bedtime stories. This stunning book will be treasured forever.

ISBN: 9780241461365
Author: DK
Publication date: 02/07/2021
Format: Hardback
Pages: 144