True Blue tales of clever and courageous canines. Some say Australia was built on the sheep's back, but it's just as true to say our nation was built in the dog kennel - after all, it was the dogs that were rounding up the sheep. Australians love their dogs - we're home to more than 4 million pet pooches - and they love us right back. These are the stories of some of our most remarkable canine companions, embodying the spirit of hard work, mateship and larrikinism. Dogs like DJ the border collie, who survived for days after falling into floodwater near Lismore. Kimmy the kelpie, who sold for a record-breaking amount at a working-dog auction. Basil the Rottweiler, who defied the misconceptions about his breed and saved a drowning child. And Lexi the Jack Russell terrier, who learned to 'drive' a ute through the paddocks on her farm. Our faithful four-legged friends save us from peril, inspire works of art and offer unwavering loyalty. In Amazing Aussie Dogs, Laura Greaves brings to life these inspirational true stories of our homegrown heroes.