Immerse your child in a timeless tale that blends adventure, culture, and life lessons. An Australian Classic Reimagined Journey into the heart of Australian Aboriginal Dreamtime with Tiddalick the Frog Who Caused a Flood by Robert Roennfeldt. This timeless tale captures imaginations with its whimsical storytelling and vivid illustrations. The Tale That Made a Splash! Tiddalick was so thirsty that he drank up all the rivers and billabongs in the land. And the other animals had to find a way to get the water back. Why This Book Resonates with Kids *Problem-Solving- Encourages critical thinking as children ponder how the other animals solve their water crisis. *Cultural Exposure- An introduction to the rich tapestry of Aboriginal folklore. *Eco-Awareness- Sparks conversations about environmental stewardship. *Stunning Art- Vivid illustrations that captivate young minds. A Timeless Tale for Modern Kids Wrap your child in the magic and wonder of an age-old tale that has been passed down through generations. With its engaging narrative and lush illustrations, Tiddalick the Frog Who Caused a Flood offers a unique blend of education and entertainment, making it an instant favourite for children and adults alike.

Paperback / softback  Picture book  32pp  h194mm  x  w193mm  x s2mm  90g 

ISBN13: 9780140503494