Peek inside your body, from head to toe! Where does food go after you swallow it Where is your heart, and what does it do Where are your lungs What do your knees really look like "X-ray" the inside of your body from head to toe with this irresistible, interactive, large-format board book! Two die-cut handles allow readers to hold the book up to their bodies and visualize various body parts and organs-including bones, the brain, lungs, heart, and many more. This unique book is perfect for sharing with friends and sharing in the classroom! The bright, bold illustrations are clearly labeled and offer an introduction to the way the body works. The unique format encourages interaction, both in the classroom and at home. A great choice for learning together. X-Ray Me! features ten images of what's inside your body and includes basic information about organs, systems, and your skeleton. Operating Instructions: Open the book and hold it up to your body. Now move the book up and down, from head to toe, and discover the cool stuff underneath your skin. What do you see How does your body work

ISBN: 9780062889966
Author: Horstschafer, Felicitas
Publication date: 03/06/2019
Format: Boardbook
Pages: 22
Dimension: 260mm X 248mm