The inside story of the making of Mean Girls - and our enduring 20-year obsession with it
Released in 2004, iconic teen comedy Mean Girls remains as relevant now as ever. But what made an adaptation of a parenting guide by SNL writer Tina Fey so successful? And why, two decades later, can we all just not stop quoting it?

Drawing on revealing interviews with the director, cast and crew, Jennifer Keishin Armstrong takes us behind the scenes of the film's genesis, production and release. From how it shaped the Millennial generation to how it has intertwined with tabloid, meme and LGBTQ+ culture, So Fetch is also the first deep dive into what makes Mean Girls such an influential phenomenon.

Part love letter, part cultural commentary, this is an unmissable read for anyone who is still 'like, obsessed' with all things Mean Girls twenty years on.

Paperback / softback  Unsewn / adhesive bound  304pp  h216mm  x  w135mm  x s22mm  300g  20 col plates (8pp) 

ISBN13: 9780008673406