A double gable roof cottage provides a four-room house with a striking ‘M’ shape roof profile. Over the years the verandah’s were often ‘built in’ to provide much needed accommodation for growing families.

This example features exposed stud walls to the sides with weatherboards to the higher sections. The front and rear walls are exposed studs with diamond cross bracing. The balustrade on this house has a capping to the vertical slats and a separate handrail. The front door features a glazed fanlight and top panels, the bottom panels being solid. The rear elevation features a solid panel door.

The Double Roof Colonial Gable Cottage is manufactured from plywood and is 100% Australian made. Comes with assembly instructions.

Model Scale 1:100 – Approx Width 70mm x Height 116mm x Depth 60mm

ISBN: 793573031846
Author: Little Building Co
Format: Gift Item
Dimension: 116mm X 70mm