It started with a dream. In the 1980's and before the "recession we had to have", according to Paul Keating, a Builder and Developer named Clifford Hill had been building the community Cliff's homes for many years on the Gold Coast, Queensland, all square and precise. However, he had a dream to go against tradition and build a house that was crooked. The idea was taken from an old pub that was built near St George, Queensland in the late 1800's. The building had a crooked veranda and rails. The dream was to build a crooked house as a themed restaurant to share with the community Cliff's vast collection of antiquities. During his research Cliff . travelled to America to see how the American theme restaurants were set up. In one  which was themed as a Wild West Saloon, was a table of four gunslingers sitting playing a game of cards. The men were mannequins dressed for the part. The theme gave the impression of the live western life.