Our twenties can be challenging. Today, so many twentysomethings are struggling, especially with anxiety and depression, and yet we're not sure what to think or do about it. In The Twentysomething Treatment psychologist Dr. Meg Jay explores why and unveils a ground-breaking approach that prioritizes skills over pills.
As a seasoned clinical psychologist specialising in the unique challenges of this pivotal decade, Dr. Jay dismantles the myth that twentysomethings are fragile beings and explains why medication is sometimes, but not always, the best medicine.

Within the transformative pages of this book, Dr. Jay provides practical solutions for a range of problems as she expertly guides readers through finding purpose and embracing uncertainty without unravelling. She offers actionable advice on navigating the intricacies of work, love, sex, friendship, confidence, health and happiness.

The Twentysomething Treatment is not just a book; it's a lifeline for a generation grappling with a mental health crisis. It is a roadmap that guides us towards stronger mental health throughout our twenties and beyond.

Paperback / softback  Unsewn / adhesive bound  288pp  h234mm  x  w153mm  x s18mm  270g 

ISBN13: 9780008607630