Berlin, 2010: A deathbed promise launches Kathy Giuliano on a quest for the truth about her family during World War II. Alone, she travels to Berlin in search of an enigmatic octogenarian who holds the keys to the past. The only clues to his identity and whereabouts and are a black-and-white photograph and an outdated address in Reinickendorf.

England, 1938: After fleeing Nazi Germany for the safety of England, a teenage boy is captured when Churchill gives the order to 'collar the lot'. One of 2,000 prisoners on the hell-ship Dunera, he is sent to Australia. At the 'family camp', he makes footwear and forms life-long friendships. Eight years later, what does he find when he returns to Berlin?

Victoria, 1943: With the Japanese at Australia's doorstep, a mother and daughter are arrested at their cane farm in far north Queensland and sent 'down south'. Their crime? Teaching the Italian language to school-children. The internment camp at Tatura changes everything. The secrets they share must be kept for the rest of their lives.