15 short stories of courage and grief, set in cities and towns across Queensland during the deadliest pandemic in history. Creative non-fiction stories based on real people in real places, fighting against the highly dangerous ‘Spanish Flu’. Beginning before the Flu reached Queensland, with stories from faraway places in the closing months of WW1, and moving through many cities and towns from the border to the Torres Strait islands––stories of sadness & suffering, but also of strength & courage. Writers include: Andrea Baldwin, Jill Barker, Nicky Boynton-Bricknell, Steve Capelin, Margaret Cook, Peter Cullen, Brian & Glenn Davies, Samantha Faulkner & Rita Metzenberg, Roz Glazebrook, Janet Reid, Duncan Richardson, Pamela Rushby, Edwina Shaw, Matthew Wengert

ISBN: 9780648068747
Author: Various
Format: Paperback