Timeless and ever-fashionable, the Chanel handbag is the luxury goods statement piece that is always in demand. Since the launch of the 2.55 in 1955, Chanel has unveiled a curated classic selection of styles that has reached iconic stature - and here you will discover their myriad seasonal adaptations, limited editions and special features.

From the ultra-rare beaded lucite Cage Flap to the discontinued Diana (named after Princess Di), the So Black to the Graffiti backpack, the book traces the rise of the Chanel bag from the very first designs to today's releases and charts the Chanel bag in popular culture and celebrity fashion.

A detailed behind-the-scenes look at the craftsmanship explains the details of quilting, leathers and materials, hardware, labels and stitching, as well as how to authenticate a Chanel bag. Whether you are considering buying retail or second-hand, to celebrate a milestone, commemorate an important event in life or as an investment, this is your ultimate guide to this exclusive - and sometimes elusive - accessory.

Hardback  160pp  h180mm  x  w125mm  illus 

ISBN13: 9781838611521     ISBN13: 978-1-83861-152-1     ISBN10: 1838611525     EAN: 9781838611521