Australian native bird Magpie wooden stud earrings.

Made in Australia from an original hand painted design, these earrings are printed with eco-friendly inks onto light weight, sustainably grown hoop pine and paired with stainless steel posts, perfect for sensitive ears!

Magpies are intelligent birdsfound in all states of Australia, known for their loud musical flute-like call, often performed by groups in the morning and evening. Can also mimic other birds, animals and humans. They hop around on the ground foraging for food so prefer to live in open areas with scattered trees or forest nearby for shelter and nesting.

They live in small group territories, mate for life, raise offspring together and collect bright shiny objects to decorate their nests. During the breeding season some males can be aggressive to anyone unfamiliar coming too close to their nests. They are associated with the qualities of balance, harmony, intelligence, adaptability, loyalty, confidence and clear communication.

Care Instructions: Do not wear swimming or bathing.