Sapur au kubi, Black Print Tea towel By Billy Missi . Beautifully screen printed tea towel based upon Billy Missi's 2006 linocut Sapur Au Kubi.

Artist: Billy Missi, 1970- 2012, was from Kubin Village, Moa Island in Zenadh-Kes (the Torres Strait). He is known as one of the leading printmakers of this region, having exhibited widely and achieved both national and international acclaim.

Artwork story: During mango, almond and cashew nut season a lot of Sapur (flying foxes) come to our village and gardens. When the sun begins to set in the western sky, the Sapur usually come in flocks from the thick mangroves that fringe the coastline. The Sapur only come out at dusk to raid the fruit trees so that people cannot see them. Otherwise they would be targeted by hunters and chased away. Despite this they do make a lot of noise as they feed.

50% Linen and 50% Cotton Tea Towel 70cm x 59cm