Fortunes of the Forest | Divination Cards. Collaboration with Caitlin Franzmann. Man Cheung captured botanical photography content for artist Caitlin Franzmann’s deck of plant-based divination cards created during her 6 month artist residency at Karawatha Forest through Brisbane City Council in Queensland, Australia. The deck contains 40 divination cards, each depicting an image of a plant, rock or insect found in Karawatha Forest, highlighting the unique qualities of the Karawatha Forest landscape. The deck also contains a large fold out booklet interweaving ethnobotanical, biological, and spiritual stories to guide the reader. Specifications Concept, design and interpretations | Caitlin Franzmann. Photography | Man Cheung Box dimension | 130mm x 77mm x 25mm Card dimension | 120mm x 75mm.

Author: Man & Wah
Format: Gift Item
Pages: 40
Dimension: 120mm X 75mm