Explore the amazing world of art with the 1000-piece Powerful Women Puzzle! It showcases women bringing their stories to life. This puzzle isn't just about putting the pieces together; it's a joyful celebration of women's significant contributions to art history. Inside the package, you'll find a leaflet with fascinating insights into women's remarkable role in shaping the art world.

Based on the popular Powerful Women Affirmation Deck, this puzzle highlights the strength and resilience of incredible women. It's a fantastic combination of fun and learning, allowing you to dive into the inspiring journeys of female artists who have impacted the art scene.

Whether you're an art lover, a puzzle enthusiast, or searching for a meaningful gift, this puzzle offers a unique and uplifting perspective on the immense impact women have had on the art realm.

Jigsaw  h275mm  x  w196mm  x s51mm  680g  Jigsaw Puzzle 

ISBN13: 9789063696757