This book explores how Vo Trong Nghia and his team draw on their experience and philosophy to help restore the connection between architecture and nature.

In a context of rapid urbanisation and environmental crisis, Vietnam, like many other countries across the world, requires innovate new architectural solutions to improve the lives of its urban residents. Green Architecture showcases the multi-faceted responses to these challengers conceived by the award winning studio VTN Architects, led by Vo Trong Nghia, in which the emphasis is placed on bringing greenery back to cities in a holistic and sustainable manner. Through detailed illustrated breakdowns of a series of building projects such as The Babylon Hotel, House for Trees and Nanoco Headquarters. as well as several schools, education institutions and apartment buildings, and enlightening texts, this book draws on how the firm is helping restore the connection between architecture and nature. 'Green Architecture means being friendly with the environment, not just planting trees,' Nghia says, and in these pages we see those sentiments reflected in the flow and design of his buildings, which transcend functionality to foster a sense of community in a way that is drawing admiration and setting an example across Southeast Asia and much further afield.

ISBN:   9781946226464
Author:   Oscar Riera Ojeda
Publication date:  01/11/2023
Format:  Hardback
Pages:  320
Dimension: 279mm x 216mm