This unique A-Z book truly captures the range and diversity of our unique and wondrous Australian wildlife. Exploring common names, aboriginal names, Latin names and from every corner of Australia, the book includes over 400 native animals, from sea creatures and insects, to amphibians, reptiles, birds and mammals. The book highlights the endangered, sometimes the extinct and the rare beauty of Australia and its islands and territories. Fully indexed, this book invites and engages kids (and kid-adults) of all ages to find, discover and learn all the animal names and compare their different types. Originally assisted by leading biologists, author Myke has ensured the illustrations are anatomically correct as well as vibrant and enchanting. As a bonus, you can find one human in the book doing what Myke loves best as a recreational pursuit.

Review: * Mollard, children's educator, illustrator, author and designer, applies a stroke of genius with a map! It's his way of orientating readers to where things are. An opportunity to teach children that Australia isn't just one island. It has territories, islands and is part of the Antarctica treaty - Public Sector News online. * This is a vivid way to discover and learn about animals - Public Sector News Online.


Hardback  48pp 

ISBN13: 9781925868685