Princess Ellie loves playing sports and wearing her sneakers. She dreams of playing sports in big stadiums and even competing at the Olympics. The only problem is, nobody seems to think that her sporty interests are very princess-like! When disaster strikes the kingdom, Princess Ellie sets out to prove that princesses definitely wear sneakers. This is the debut novel from Sports Presenter and Women in Sport advocate Sam Squiers. It's a heartwarming and uplifting tale of Princess Ellie as she sets about to challenge the stereotype of a princess, just like women in sport have challenged the stereotype of an athlete. The book aims to send powerful messages to little girls about sport from a very early age. It encourages them to not only play sport but to break down barriers and overcome obstacles which may stand in the way as they pursue their dreams. The current boom in women's sports across all codes is causing the biggest cultural shift ever seen in sport. The publication of the book ties in perfectly with the growing popularity of women's sports and the desire for mums and dads to inspire their girls to play as well.

ISBN: 9781925839753
Author: Sam Squiers and Illust. by Annabel Cutler
Format: Paperback
Pages: 32