Anthology of short stories about the Outback. The Outback is the result of the writing competition for the Outback Writers Festival held in Winton. The Camel Gully Robbery Don Douglas 1, The Governess Errol Bishop 10, Mates Christine Stewart 19, The Rockhole Russell Carrington 25, Flowers for Grace Cris Oliver 33, All Round The Room Vashti Farrer 42, The Outback Beverley Young 50, Get Back By Dark Rose Siva 58, Tim Tams for Tina Lyndall Holmes 64, Ticker Libby Blomfield 74, An Outback Emergency Marnie Macham 79, The Miner's Digs Colleen Jones 86, "Wot Killed This Bloody Town" David Vernon 95, True Colours Karen Lethlean 104, Rain Dance Kerri Turner 110, A Filament of My Imagination Ian Waples 116, The Messenger Edward Fletcher 120, Destination Nulla Nulla Erica Holmes 129, Down and Dirty Cherelle Murphy 139, Dysphasia James McKenzie Watson 148, Flight Norah Kersh 158, Country Pub Doug Hutcheson 162, Andorra Rachel Emanuel 165, The Dingo Tree David Manning 170, Two Journeys Judy Hallewell 179, Just Us Christine Johnson 187, Leaving Mardi Sands 197, The Blackwell Estate Paul Clarke 205, Brumby Fairytale Narda Grover 215, The Hot Breathe of the Desert Susanna Freymark 222, The Story of Miss Mary O'Toole Chris Robinson 230, Dozer Bob Tim Borthwick 233, Sam Stan Dodgson 241, Away Annette Gordon 245, Gospel Rex Morris Snr. 252, Dave and the Shearers Strike John Griffiths 260, Sea Change Alexis Nielson 268, The Geeslings Jill Staunton 271, Under 18 - The Drover Amber Coulton 285, Thicker than Thieves Sophie Hooper 288, My Mate Joe Lily Jones 292, My Mother's Miracle Jessica Douglas 295

ISBN: 9781925522440
Author: Anthology
Format: Paperback
Pages: 158
Dimension: 235mm X 165mm