PhD student Dylan Cashew abandons his thesis on D. H. Lawrence for the uncertain world of top secret aerospace editing, college teaching and then independent publishing. Dogged and even mentored by Lawrence and others from parallel Dimensions, Dylan finds himself immersed in a publishing venture that, with aid of his PR-savvy wife, interjections from the Internet. and a bottomless supply of scotch, nearly goes under before he receives an offer from a Chinese conglomerate that may be too good to refuse. If you're an author, published or unpublished, or wished you were one - or someone who's worked in publishing, or wished you could - this book is for you. (Have we missed anyone?!) This is David P Reiter's latest sortie into the satiricsphere of digital narrative. His having won two Western Australian Premier's Awards with Timelord Dreaming and My Planets Reunion Memoir has done nothing to curb his rash flirtation with innovation. Nearly 200 "internet call-outs" will tempt you away from the central storyline. Can you resist?

Review: "This is a thrilling fast-paced satire of life in the publishing industry that must now navigate multiple universes, consider colliding galaxies, and take instruction from guides such as D.H. Lawrence."; - Carmel Bird, Winner, 2016 Patrick White Award for Literature.

260pp  h229mm  x  w152mm