This gorgeously illustrated picture book brings together 25 creation stories from the Quandamooka region — stories that have endured through generations of Quandamooka people.

Presented through the eyes of Sandra Delaney and through illustrations by Quandamooka artists Shara Delaney, Belinda Close, and Sandra Delaney herself, Quandamooka Dreaming is an expression of spirituality and identity, and a practical demonstration of the laws that teach us how we should conduct ourselves in our relationships with kin and country.

Sandra Delaney is a Quandamooka woman who spent much of her early years yarning with her father as she was growing up, inspiring a life-long curiosity about stories and her history.

This book was undertaken in consultation with the Quandamooka Forum and Chairperson Aunty Joan Hendriks, the Minjerri-bah-Moorgumpin Elders in Council and other Quandamooka Elders.

ISBN: 9781925046137
Author: Delaney, Sandra
Format: Paperback
Pages: 52
Dimension: 24cm X 24cm