The only good thing about Lexi's barista job is her work wife, Linh. Even her burgeoning relationship with single father, Ethan, is growing cold before it's had time to sizzle. And why can't Lexi shake the feeling that Ethan's not over his wife? When a mysterious friend from Lexi's past emerges in startling circumstances, she glimpses the world of camming. Ditching espressos for the express lane to sexual empowerment and financial freedom, Lexi is lying to everyone, including herself. When Lexi meets Travis, a charming cybercrime cop free from emotional baggage, her new life shapeshifts at a dizzying rate. Lexi becomes ensnared and, this time, no amount of lying can set her free.

Paperback / softback  270pp  h153mm  x  w229mm  x s20mm 

ISBN13: 9781923105089