The go to book to understand what Psychosocial Safety, the Science of Happy Employees is about and what it takes have a great hazard free workplace. You know that trying to keep up with is a constant battle particularly the changes in what is expected of you to build a business culture that supports that psychological wellbeing can be confusing and exhausting. Sharing the insights of industry leaders and employee experiences, Dr Brenda Jamnik infuses 30 years' industry experience to help you gain clarity from the complex maze of the potential risks and hazards. Embarking on this reading journey you will gain comfort in realising that there are sign posts. These give you clarity and insights as to the reasons why you think that it is challenging to achieve a positive mental wellbeing and socially safe workplace. You will see how you can put science into being sure you have identified if you have any hazards, where they might be and what you can do about it. Navigating from I am not sure, and that is a bit scary, to ah! ha!, moments, by the time you get to the last page, you will feel a relief. You will now know if you need to do anything in your business in relation to Psychosocial Safety Culture, if so what to do, and where to start. A book with a purpose to help you use science to build a happy workplace without having to understand the science. A must for all businesses in the changing flexible, diverse, multigenerational workplace, where there are increasing pressures, expectations, choices and challenges.

Paperback / softback  176pp 

ISBN13: 9781923007697