Unknown in Scotland upon his arrival and unheralded in the English game, Ange Postecoglou revels in his status as an outside agitator. After transforming a Celtic team in turmoil into serial winners, sweeping up five trophies in two spectacular seasons, his appointment by Tottenham Hotspur made him the first Australian manager to take charge ofa Premier League club.

Revolution charts the dramatic story of Postecoglou's instant impact on British football with Celtic and explores his life and times in the sport, through the eyes of those who know him best. Can a track record in Australian, Japanese and Scottish football transfer to the unique landscape of the English game?

Examining the traits that set him apart from his playing peers and the coaching education that has prepared him for his biggest challenge, Revolution provides an insight into the making of a man and the unique football philosophy that has reinvigorated teams and transformed playing styles at a succession of clubs across the globe.

Paperback / softback  224pp  h234mm  x  w153mm  302g  C Format 

ISBN13: 9781922992659