'A great book - storytelling with heart, and a testimony to truth.' - Tony BirchWhen a tragic bushfire puts two kids in hospital, Indigenous teenager Andrew knows the police will come after him first. But Andrew almost wants to be caught, because at least it might make his dad come and rescue him from suburban Brisbane and his neglectful mother.

Growing up in small-town Tasmania, Andrew struggled at home, at school, at everything. The only thing that distracted or excited him was starting little fires. Flames boosted his morale and purified his thoughts, and they were the only thing in his life he could control. Until one day things got out of hand, and Andrew was forced to leave everything behind.
Now as the police close in and Andrew runs out of people to turn to, he must decide whether he can put his faith in himself to find a way forward.

Burn is an affecting, powerful novel about prejudice and growing up on the margins from exciting new Australian voice Melanie Saward.

Author Biography: Melanie Saward is a proud descendent of the Bigambul and Wakka Wakka peoples. She is a Tulmur (Ipswich) based writer, an associate lecturer in creative writing at QUT, and a PhD student.

Paperback / softback  304pp  h234mm  x  w153mm  382g  C Format 

ISBN13: 9781922848482     ISBN13: 978-1-922848-48-2     ISBN10: 1922848484     EAN: 9781922848482