'An iconic 90s song has had a delightful update, and its message of inclusion and hope still rings true today.' Myf Warhurst

'A beautiful reimagining of a much loved song, given new life and a heartfelt new meaning in this gorgeous book.' Zan Rowe

Accidentally Kelly Street, where friends and strangers sometimes meet

Accidentally Kelly Street, I never thought life could be so sweet.

A new family arrive at a new house on a new street in a new neighbourhood. Being new can feel lonely, but on Kelly Street the neighbours are warm and welcoming, and small acts of kindness go a long way. Soon enough, strangers have become friends, and a new house becomes a home. Briony Stewart's touching adaptation of the classic Australian hit 'Accidently Kelly Street' brings Frente!'s song of optimism, belonging and community to a new generation.