Modern life is increasingly disconnected from nature and planet earth. If human civilisation is to survive, we need to regenerate and strike a balance with nature. There is hope for our future and it starts in our homes. Happy Planet Living is the essential guide to sustainable living. It empowers you to take practical action and be a part of the solution to our planet's climate and sustainability crises. Mia Swainson, environmental engineer and member of the ACT Climate Council, outlines achievable steps for change that you can start making today. In the small footprint home section learn how to make your home carbon positive, achieve zero waste living, compost food scraps and get more from reusing and recycling. Head into the garden to grow micro greens, herbs, vertical gardens and seasonal vegetables that you can then use to cook delicious and healty recipes. Be inspired and discover the simple ways you can live a climate positive lifestyle and make a big difference.