Sometimes the simplest spells are the most powerful.

Sibyl is the apprentice hotel witch at the splendid Grand Mirror Hotel.

She is busy each day drawing useful spell patterns to keep the hotel guests happy: spells to shine shoes, spells to remove dust and spells to return lost belongings like hats and gloves to their owners.

But Sibyl dreams of other possibilities - wonderful possibilities like her mother returning from the Black Mountains, and like Grandma letting her draw spell patterns from the Book of Advanced and Dangerous Magic.

When Grandma gets stuck in last Tuesday, somewhere on the hotel's thirteenth floor, Sibyl is left to take charge of all the hotel magic - and to solve a mysterious and perplexing problem.

Can she find a way to open the Book of Advanced and Dangerous Magic?

And will it contain the spell she needs?

The Hotel Witch is a magical tale of courage, love and the power of imagining possibilities.