Today Vegemite is recognised around the world, but when the salty black paste was first produced in 1923 the public wasn't interested. In fact, it took another 15 years and a world war before we embraced it.

Vegemite shares the fascinating tale of Cyril Callister, the man who invented what would become Australia's most beloved consumer product, along with the story of its rocky road to acceptance. Spanning the Gold Rush, the Depression and two world wars, it opens a window on the evolution of modern Australia.

Published to coincide with Vegemite's 100th anniversary, this revised edition features a collection of photographs, a new introduction and an epilogue that shares the little-known story of how Vegemite returned to Australian hands in 2017.

Vegemite is a great Australian story of overcoming the odds, and of how extraordinary things can happen to (almost) ordinary people.