When two boys go fishing they are unaware that the Argula, the bush devil, is watching them and helping itself to all their fish. The boys finally see the Argula's glowing red eyes - but it is too late and they become the Argula's next meal! When they are rescued, they are unconscious and have to be shocked back to consciousness by fire ants. Once safely home they vow to never be greedy again and to always watch out for the Argula.

This is the second title in the Kimberley Art Centre Series, working with Kirsty Burgu from Mowanjum Art and Cultural Centre. The story was told to Kirsty as a child and the Arugula is not considered to be myth but it is thought to exist - rock art featuring the Argula are found along the Kimberly coastline.

'It may seem like a simple story but Beware the Argula! Is also a warning to everyone to be careful when they go out bush. I know these Argula exist, I have felt their presence - and there is rock art depicting the Argula along the Kimberley coast. Some people in the Kimberley and all over Australia call the Argula the 'hairy man' or the 'bush devil'.' - Kirsty Burgu.