Kate Campbell is a financial educator who loves talking to anyone who will listen about one of our most taboo (but very important) topics: money. She hosts one of Australia s top-ranking finance podcasts, the Australian Finance Podcast, which attracts 70,000 listeners each month.

In Buying Happiness: Learn to invest your time and money better, Kate Campbell presents a roadmap for improving every aspect of your financial life and using the resources at your disposal, specifically your time and money, to build your very best life.

Engaging, easy-to-read and jam-packed with helpful resources, this optimistic book shares small but meaningful actions that will help you:

* set financial goals you're excited to achieve 

* start having conversations about money with others in your community

* invest your very first $5 in the share market

* explore research-based ways of maximising your enjoyment of life

* work towards financial freedom. 

While happiness can't be bottled up and purchased at a store, by taking control of your finances and thinking a little more deeply about the way you use your resources, you can improve your life.

Perfect for readers at the very start of their personal finance journey, or those already encountering bumps along the road, Buying Happiness is the ultimate guide for anyone who is ready to dream, live, travel and grow.

Paperback / softback  Trade paperback 240pp  h231mm  x  w153mm  x s16mm  230g  

ISBN13: 9781922611819     ISBN13: 978-1-922611-81-9     ISBN10: 1922611816     EAN: 9781922611819